Asset Management Services

In addition to development and financing, Ecogy also offers Asset Management Services. At Ecogy, we take a holistic approach to Asset Management - monitoring and managing all aspects of owning and operating solar assets.

With a dedicated Asset Manager and our proprietary software, we can provide comprehensive, cost-efficient asset management for small distributed systems.

Why Asset Management?

If solar assets are not meticulously monitored and managed, costs and risk can creep up, eroding IRR. 

Benefits of Ecogy Asset Management

  • Maximize investor ROI and IRR.
  • Reduce down-time and lost revenue.
  • Keep contracts in compliance.
  • Maintain on-going and detailed documentation.
  • Conduct comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Services Include

  • Billing
  • Project Accounting
  • Contract Compliance
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Warranty Management
  • Reporting
  • Relationship Management 

Tired of trying to manage assets in-house? Get in touch.